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Thursday, December 8, 2016


1 cup chopped spinach
1/4 cup corn
1 cup homemade instant egg-less mayonnaise
1/2 tsp mixed herb or oregano
1 tsp powdered sugar
salt and black pepper to taste
2-3 cheese slices
8-10 bread slices
2-3 tbsp of softened butter for browning

Before starting prepare homemade egg-less mayonnaise and keep aside.

Take chopped spinach and blanch it, by first immersing it in hot water and then immediately transfer in ice-cold water. 

Now boil corn in water on gas stove for 2-3 minutes, or microwave for 2-3 minutes till it doubles in size.

Add mayonnaise in large bowl, add sugar, salt, pepper and oregano. Mix well. Now add blanched spinach and boiled corn. Give it a good mix.

Take bread slices, trim the edges, keep generous amount of filling on top of one slice, keep on cheese slice and cover with other slice.

Grill in pan by applying butter and press it hard with the spatula to make it crisp and brown, flip, apply butter and press hard with the help of spatula.

Or simply toast in grill sandwich maker. Cut in triangular shape and serve.


1. Blanch spinach by putting in hot boiling water for 1-2 minutes and immediately transfer in ice-cold water.

2. Take sweet corn.

3. Microwave for 3-4 minutes or boil in pan filled with water.

4. Take homemade mayonnaise and add salt, pepper, sugar and mixed herb.

5. Now goes blanched spinach, boiled corn and mix well.

6. Trim bread slices if you want, keep a generous amount of filling and top with cheese slice.

7. Close and apply butter on top of the bread.

8. Toast in high flame on grill pan. Face slice which has butter downside for toasting and browning. Apply butter on the top side of the bread.

9. Flip, press hard and toast.

10. Slice and pack in school lunch box or serve in breakfast.

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