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Thursday, March 27, 2014


150 - 200 gm Marie biscuits
2-3 tbsp cocoa powder
80 gm butter
2-3 tbsp powdered sugar
2-3 tbsp warm water

For coconut mixture
100 gm grated coconut powder
1 tbsp powdered sugar
2-3 tbsp milkmaid
1tsp softened butter

Crush biscuits and grind them in a fine powder. Sieve it in a bowl, mix cocoa powder, sugar and rub with softened butter and make non-sticky dough using little warm water.
For coconut mix. Take sugar, powdered sugar and butter and mix well
On clean slab or chopping board, keep white plain big paper and grease it well with oil or butter. Place the biscuit dough and roll it in long shape (it should not be thin). Now put coconut mix over it. Roll the biscuit dough softly and cover with the same paper and keep in freezer for about 1hour. Take out the roll and cut it in thick pieces. Keep in fridge and take out only while serving.


1. Take 200 gm pack of maire biscuits.

2. Break them and grind them into blender.

3. Grind it to form a smooth powder.

4. Sieve powdered biscuit with 2 tbsp cocoa powder.

5. Add 2 tbsp powdered sugar.

6. Add nearly 80 gm softened butter.

7. Rub butter with powder mixture to form a crumbled texture.

8. Add 2 tbsp or more water if required of warm water.

9. Make a dough, it should not be sticky. Neither it should be too hard or too soft.

10. Take plain paper and keep it on clean chopping board or slab.

11. Grease paper with oil. Else you can use butter paper.

12. Keep it in freezer for 3-4 minutes.

13. Take out from freezer and roll the dough with rolling pin.

14. Adjust with hand if it breaks while rolling.

15. Take 1 cup desiccated coconut powder.

16. Add 1 tbsp powdered sugar.

17. Add butter.

18. Add 2-3 tbsp milkmaid.

19. Mix well.

20. Spread this coconut batter on top of rolled chocolate mix.

21. Now softly roll it with help of paper.

22. Roll it like this.

23. Keep it in freezer for about hour.

24. Take out from freezer.

25. Cut the edges to give a neat look.

26. Take out from fridge only while serving.