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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


1 cup water
½ cup Rawa/ Suji
1 tsp oil
1 tsp ajwain/ carom seeds
1 cup mixed vegetable/ boiled potatoes/ processed cheese/Paneer
Oil for frying
Heat water in a pan, add rawa, oil and carom seeds. Cook till it becomes dry or little sticky. Transfer it in a bowl and let it become lukewarm.

For Stuffing
Mash boiled potatoes add salt, garam masala, kasuri meethi and mix well.

For Kachori
Grease your palm with oil, take around 1 tbsp of lukewarm suji and press it flat like we stuff paranthas and stuff potatoes or vegetable in it. Seal properly from all the corners. Make sure stuffing does not come out. Roll it gently in round shape and deep fry in medium heat oil. Cook till it becomes golden brown. It takes time to turn golden in colour.
Put 1-2 kachori at a time to avoid breaking.
Suji paste should be lukewarm while stuffing vegetable in it.
Greasing of palm with oil is important.

You can add mixed vegetable and cheese to make it more yum and healthy.



1. Take 1 cup water.

2. Put water in a pan on gas stove. Add oil.

3. Now add carom seeds.

4. Add Rawa.

5. Mix well till becomes sticky. Turn off the gas.

6.Transfer into bowl.


7. Take 1 cup boiled potatoes and half cup boiled carrot and add salt, chaat masala, garam masala etc.


8. Grease your palm well and take around 2 tbsp of Rawa and roll it round like ball.

9. Give a round shape. Like this.

10.Press it flat from centre.

11. Fill the stuffing.

 12.Close it from ends.

13.Like this.

14.Roll it round. Don't press it flat.

15.Deep fry in hot oil on medium flame.

16.Fry till golden in colour.

17.Serve with chutney or ketchup.

1 comment:

Natasha Sachdeva said...

Awesome dish! Quick and easy and enjoyed by all. Highly recommend to try.