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Friday, July 3, 2015


2 large size mangoes
2 cups ice-cream of your choice

This recipe is basically adopted from Purani Delhi's famous Kulfi stuffed in Mango. I relish this great and delicious recipe. So thought of trying my hand on it.

Here, instead of stuffing kulfi inside mango I stuffed favourite ice-cream flavours of my kids. Vanilla for my boys and strawberry for my sweet little girl.

You can stuff kufli or any flavour of ice-cream your family likes. It's one of the simplest and great looking dessert.

Only effort required in this recipe is coring BIG seed of mango. It's little tricky.

Take little hard mango (not soggy) first slit the top of it. Gently scoop out the side with the help of knife or hands. Be careful while taking out seed, the skin should not get punctured.

You can use the pulp of mango in shakes.

Slit the upper part of mango. Core the seed. Stuff ice-cream.

Keep in freezer for 8-9 hours or preferably overnight.

Take out from freezer, keep in normal temperature water for just 1 minute.

Slice it and serve chilled.


1. Slit the upper part of mango with knife.

3. Start coring the seed with the help of knife, turning it all around the mango with light hands.

4. It's done.

5. Stuff ice-cream.

6. Other one with different flavour. Freeze it for 9-10 hours or overnight for best results.

7. Take out from freezer, dip in normal temperature water for 1 minute.

8. Slice it with sharp knife.

9. It's ready to serve.

10. Closer look

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