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Monday, June 22, 2015


1 litre full cream milk 
3 bread slices 
1/3 cup condensed milk
2 tbsp sugar 
1/4 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder(optional) 
a few saffron (kesar) strands(optional) 
1 tsp ghee 
¼ cup mango cubes or any other fruit of your choice (apple,strawberries,pineapple,grapes,oranges,or even dry-fruits)

1. Remove the crusts of the bread slices and discard. Grind the bread slices in food processor to make fresh bread crumbs. 

2. Heat ghee in a pan and roast the bread crumbs for 5-6 mins at slow flame. The colour of the crumbs should remain white. Take them out and Keep aside. 

3. Bring the milk to boil in a heavy bottomed pan.Cook it till it thickens approx. 15-20 mins on slow flame. 

 4. Add sugar and cook on a slow flame, while stirring continuously (approx. 10 minutes). 


5. Now add the bread crumbs and condensed milk .cook for 2-3 mins more. 

6. Remove from the fire, add the cardamom powder and saffron and mix well. 

7. Cool the rabdi. Add fruit cubes. U can even add respective fruit crush or pulp of the fruit to make it more delicious. 

8. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours and serve chilled.


1. Cut edges of bread and grind to make a smooth powder.

2. Roast it with little ghee for 5-6 minutes. Don't let it turn brown in colour.

3. Bring milk to boil. Cook for 15-20 mins or till it thickens.

4. Transfer roasted bread crumbs in milk.

5. Add 2 tbsp sugar.

6. Now goes 1/3 cup condensed milk.

7. Let it become thick. Remove from fire add cardamom powder and saffron.
Keep in fridge for 2-3 hrs.


8. Add fruit pulp or chopped fruit of your choice.

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