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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


1 cup vermicelli
1 large chopped onion
1/2 cup peas
1/2 cup corn
1 large our 2 small sized finely chopped carrot
2 cups water
3-4 tbsp tomato sauce
Salt and chilli to taste

Roast vermicelli on low flame stirring continuously. If using roasted vermicelli skip this step.

In pan, heat some oil, saute till golden on colour. Add finely chopped carrot, peas and corn.

Add water, cover the lid and cook on medium flame. 

Cook till vegetables are cooked. This will take around 5-10 minutes. Add tomato sauce.

Add vermicelli, mix well. Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes. Turn off the gas.

Serve in breakfast or pack in kids tiffin.


1. Dry roast vermicelli.

2. On low flame and keep stirring continuously.

3. In pan, add oil and saute onions till golden on colour.

4. Onions are done.

5. Add veggies.

6. Add water.

7. Add salt, pepper, chilli. Cover and cook.

8. When veggies are done add tomato sauce.

9. Add roasted vermicelli.

10. Mix well, cover for 4-5 minutes and switch off the flame.

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